Sep 29, 2010

Your Love by Nicki Minaj

Your Love (Final Mix)

This song has been one of my Most Played track this week.
Background song is originally from the song No More I Love You's from Annie Lennox.
it so much!

Heard a lot of collaborated songs of Nicki with famous musicians like Usher,Trey Songz & Sean Kingston.Click on the link to know more about Nicki.

Also, me and my sister are obsessing with another collaboration of Nicki with Sean Garret called Massive Attack. You can check it out on this link Music/Tumblr on my Tumblr account.

Check out the song by clicking on the Play Button above.

Sep 27, 2010

Bahay-bahayan :)

So for 2 nights and 3 days, me D and Pia was left all by ourselves at home. My in-laws decided to take a short break from work. They really need a breather since me and D can't remember the last time mama and tatay had their vacation. So they decided to go to Bulacan all of a sudden to visit D's lola together with the sister-in-law with her 2 kids of course.

So being all by ourselves, mama suggested we just order to go's since D is going to be busy with the shop. Mom knows I don't know how to cook. I usually just settle for bread and pancit canton. So during the first night, we ate at a restau as mama suggested. We spent the whole night at the mall, Pia played at Playmate while me and D tried some arcade games then rented DVD's @ video city. The second day, D went to the shop early so me and Pia was left alone. Nothing much happened, just the usual stuff the mom and daughters do. In the afternoon while Pia was napping, I popped in DVD's to pass the time out. When dinner time came D decided to cook pinapaitan, one of my favorite dish. It tasted okey but it still didn't pass the way my dad cooks it but at least D made an effort(notice all the bold letter D's? lol!).

So anyway we at least managed to survive. We usually rely everything to my in-laws. I got used to it because before D and I even started dating, I was already working at a call center so 'ma supported me all the way, she understands how hard it is to work graveyard shifts and she shows it by not letting me do anything around the house except to take care of Pia. While for D, he grew up to be the person who gets what he wants without hard labor. He helps over at their shop and I think that it is the only job that he's comfortable doing for now. His dream is actually to own a bar, we're all giving him the motivation but in my own opinion, as long as his parents gives him what he wants without working hard for it(yeah he's a bit spoiled) then it's gonna take a couple more years for the motivation part. I suggested that we take one of their for rent apartments but I didn't get an "okey" answer from him yet.

It's nice that we get to be all by ourselves once in a while. In time we get to own our own place. I am comfortable with the set up that we have for now. I am going back to school a few weeks from now and I need extra hands to help out in taking care of Pia. That's it for today!

_kbye_ =0

Funerals, Reunions & Disappontments

Nothing much happened anyway so I'll just breakdown what happened during my 3 nights and 4 days trip. Lets start with....

Day 1: It was a dizzy ride. Since I wasn't early enough to catch the bus trip, I decided to just take the 4 hour drive going to my destination. Thought it is much better than taking the bus which is a 7-8 hour drive. Since it was my first time passing through Ambuclao Road which is the shortcut, I wasn't warned of that almost 4 hours zigzag road and it made me totally nauseated an hour after the trip started. I almost barfed inside the van. My aunt forgot to warn me about that, I would've taken Bonamine.
So there, after that excruciating trip, I finally arrived at my tita's place. It was super hot, around 3 pm and the only people there at that time was my gay tita but we still call him uncle Mon and some workers painting the house. My uncle was passing the time watching DVD's so after a little catching up, I decided to take a nap. Good thing I brought my iPod because it would be hard for me to sleep hearing hammer-ing and talking people outside. My bestfriend that afternoon was my iPod and an electric fan. That night, I was able to attend Timot's wake and there I saw most of mt batch mates too but sadly they can't seem to remember me, well I can't blame them since it has been almost 6 years the last time I visited the place. I actually felt like an outcast that time, good thing Cye and Rhen was there and also Rhen's wife Aizelle kept me company and updated me with stuff goin on in Lamut. Went home around 1 am.

Day 2: Spent the whole morning sleeping. Nothing to do anyway. Around 1, went to the church for Timot's funeral. It took almost 3 hours because of the Eulogy, a lot of people gave their fun memories with Timot. Around 5, spent most of the time waiting. The plan was supposed to have a couple of drinks but I was a bit disappointed that most of my batch mates decided to go home. Good thing I have Cye, Rhen and Aizelle to accompany me again that night. The same as day one, did a lot of catching up, we have to coz I missed a lot during those 5 years. Went home around 10 p.m.

Day 3: I slept almost the whole day. I can say that my vacation was not that of a waste because with that very hot weather, moving or doing anything is unbearable. Uncle Mon asked me to help him out with unpacking of stuff aunt had for her kitchen but gave up after 5 minutes, I can't beat the heat even with iced cold coke and 2 That is why I preferred to get stuck with my music and the electric fan and the bed cozy enough that even ants prefer to stay there. I was supposed to take the night trip but since my aunt is a few of the people I know who changes the plan as soon as it's laid out so instead of night trip, she decided that we take the earliest trip by morning. So after dinner, I settled myself again in the room watching saved movies on my iPod. Was supposed to update my aunt with the stuff that I found out about some people in Lamut(and yep spent most of my time listening to gossips, it's fun) but I realized I was out of it because that was what I have been doing every time I get home coming from Timot's house and when I start talking, I talk fast afraid that I would miss out on the juicy stuff. So anyway around 8:30 p.m, aunt Rani received a text message from Rhen inviting to go out with of course his wife. The transpo we used was his motor cycle which I didn't reject because I've known Rhen and I trust his driving skill. So we went on a 45 minutes drive, surprised Cye, went to a bar called RedOrange, stayed there for almost 3 hours then moved to Hilander, according to them, this is the hippest place in town. It's quite okey, hotel and resort plus disco house. There was a live band and just for fun,I sang "iloveyougoodbye" then I got bored, the music was so loud we can't seem to start a topic and I didn't feel like dancing so i asked them if they wanna move outside and we did and it was more fun. We made okray a lot of people. After Hilander, we went to Jolibee, ordered coffee then talked some more. Around 4a.m, dropped Cye off to her place and the 3 of us headed home.

Thanks to these 3 guys, my stay was worth it. I was expecting a bit more but hey, the reason that I went there in the first place was to attend funeral so disappointment was there but not that much. I just missed the place and some of the people but sadly as I said, the place changed and so are some people. My family are planning to spend the New year at Lamut and I am not gonna expect too much anymore. As long as Cye, Rhen and Aiz are there, I won't ask for anyone else anymore.

A boring blog it is but I still want to capture the trip in writing. Till here guys. I wish I can figure out on how to add READ MORE here.

_kbye_ =0

Sep 22, 2010

Got Music on My Posts, Nice!

Yey! My first post ever with music on it, I am so happy!
It only needs a small argument with D for me to have that will to figure it out.
I am not sure though why this post is in bold letter even if I un-click the bold button.
Not much of a big deal as long as the music works on my posts. Yey to me again!
Sorry, I can't seem to contain my happiness, it's just that it took days for me to figure this one out.

I am supposed to be sleeping already because of the trip I mentioned on my previous blog but I can't seem to, maybe because I am excited since it's been ages since I last went on a long trip alone. Yep, I am going alone on a 7 hour drive, all by myself with my iPod. Well the main reason for this trip is for me to attend a funeral of a friend, I wanna see him for the very last time before he's laid to his final resting place.

With regards to the music posted, this has been a trial and error basis and the only music I have in mind while editing the HTML is this one "Got Ur Back" by T.I. ft Keri Hilson. It is one of my fave song today and I am soooo loving it!
Just click on the title of the song below, hope you like it too!

Got Ur Back

Till next time folks! Happy Wednesday!

Sep 21, 2010

Trips & Tinkys


Saw this Meme from ate Ane's site.
A lot of things on my mind lately so I decided to be random today.
Here Goes:

Tomorrow, I am heading to the province (Ifugao) to attend the burial of one of my batch mates. I might be staying there for 3 days and I am not planning on bringing my laptop
because the last time I went there was 2003 I think and bringing my tinky would be a bad idea. Those 3 days should be used on catching-up-time with my senior year friends. I might not be able to blog during those days that I am away not unless I get bored and look for a computer shop available. I think I can survive a few days without internet.

I am hating my
tinky (that would be the name of my laptop in case U don't know and yes it has a name not that it's a big deal to you) because it is super slow. I don't have a lot of saved stuff here but I don't know why it runs super slow. Even my Flock browser locks up frequently even if I have a few tabs open. Clearing cache and cookies didn't do any good. I can say that it's not a virus problem because I don't get any pop ups and I have Mcafee installed months ago and it perfectly runs on the background. This has to be solved a.s.a.p. because I hate slow computers and slow connection. D will be transferring important files from this computer to the desktop, after that, tinky will be off to the computer doctor.

I am spending most of the time making blogger suitable for me. I am almost done with the layout and liking it so much. The problem is when I start blogging, adding Strikethrough on text and Read More is a hassle because those buttons are not on the post editor so I have to manually put the HTML code for both. I also am still trying to figure out on how to add music on certain blog posts. I will be researching also on how to change the color of the titles on all my posts. Gosh there are a lot of stuff to do especially to someone like me who relies so much on google on "how to's" when it comes to HTML stuff. Good thing I was able to figure out on how to center the Linky of this meme. Oh and before I forget, the Greasemonkey add-on doesn't work on the Flock browser. It works only on Mozilla but then when this add-on is enabled, I can't change the text size, it's just stuck on "large size". Good thing I have a few more weeks to slack before school starts.

I am happy that my sister-in-law's laptop will be arriving today. It was shipped from the States and it took a month for her to blab about how excited she is. Happy because I don't get to share my tinky anymore. We have another desktop computer but it has a lot of virus in it and virus on Pc is equal to slow and pop ups and crashing of the PC.
D also can install his games on her laptop because I heard that the laptop's spec's are more updated than mine and that means more disk space for me.

So,that's it for me today! Im'a have to pack for tomorrow's trip. Have a great week guys!

5 Things I Hate About College

Is getting nervous as enrollment day is getting near. It’s been awhile since I last attended school(college that is), and I completely forgot what it felt like. There are some not-so-happy memories, most of them actually that is a part of why I lost my interest in school.

Here are lists of things I hate and would hate again during my College Days:

  1. The Enrollment Phase:The University where I spent my first year in college if I remember it correctly are not that helpful and friendly. They tend to make you feel dumb. Was expecting for assistance since I am new at their school but what I get are grunts and irritation from them. I suggest they give out fliers that has complete details and requirements on what new comers, transferees and shifting to another course(like me) should do and the locations where we can finish the required stuff to start the semester.
  2. Group Works: It is way different from high school, different in a way that we constantly see each other, in college, if one team mate is not in on the project, he/she just “absents” her way out. And also I’m not good with discussions especially to newly acquainted people.
  3. Reenactments Projects: Is connected to group work and I hate it simply because I hate being stared at and is amenable to being a sucker for acting.
  4. An hour or 2 of Break time before the next subject: An hour will be spent at libraries or eating at the food court but if that would be for everyday, man that is boring and if it happens like 3 times to like every subject, spell ARGHH!!! 2 hours, I have the option to go home but if the place is 40 minutes (+ traffic jam),that equates to “never mind”.
  5. Giggly Classmates and Inappropriate Attire: For those semesters, these 2 kinds of classmates are always present like on a yearbook, a prom queen and the quarterback or the dream guy. This is a school and you go wearing backless tops and 4 inches heels with glitters on them. So yah, that’s how they express themselves… uhm, what are you trying to express exactly?? Slutty much??? Giggly is okei when not in the middle of a discussion with the professor that is.

A couple of weeks from now, I am goin’ to enter the college world again and I am nervous. Expectations? There is just one thing and that is for myself, get a Degree this time. I have the drive and hopefully it will stay within me until I graduate.


P.S. This is taken from one of my Tumblr Post, just wanted to share it here too.

Sep 20, 2010

Goodbye My Senior Year Adonis

Today while doing my morning routines, I received two missed calls from Cye, one of my high school friends. It was heart shattering when I found out the reason for that unexpected call, his ex-boyfriend, Timothy died last night because of a motorcycle accident. It has been 6 years since I last visited that 8 hour drive, dusty and small town called Lamut, the place where I ended my high school years. Timothy Tulac a.k.a. "Timot" and Cye has been a few of my friends who kept in touch after I left the place.
Going back to memory lane, when I was in my senior year, there is this thing where in we vote for class President, Vice-Pres. and such, I was voted as Muse and Timot was my Escort(Adonis). He's this wacky-childish kind of person. If I remember it correctly he was also my dancing partner on a school event. He is also a genius in math like every time we have assignments, before the class starts, I copy we copy his assignment and when the paper gets back to him, it's crumpled up and it doesn't bother him at all. The last time I saw him was last year, we had a couple of drinks with some friends and did a lot of catching up, he also updated me about what was going on with the lives of other batch mates. After that, all I got was text messages and forwarded quotes from him, last one was 4 days ago. He was in Baguio like a couple of weeks ago but I wasn't able to meet up with him, I was at mom's place that time and it was raining so I bailed.
It is a sad day, still trying to absorb that news and still in doubt if the accident really happened. When I found out about it, I logged in on Facebook and there it was, wall postings of friends giving their condolence to the family. That thing is not a joke-able thing so the accident is real.

I am so much affected by this kind of situation because never have I been to a burial to any of my closest relative(meaning all are still alive,wishing it could stay that way). I am afraid of the impact it will have on me if someone close to me be ending up dead. Just the thought of it makes me so sad. With this kind of situation, no one will be emotionally ready. Death is a part of life. We don't have no other choice but to accept it and move on.

I will miss you Christian Timothy Tulac. He's just 23. Too young.:(

...and even though you are gone your love will live on, I miss you lots, you will remain in my heart forever and I will never forget you

Sep 18, 2010

Tumblr vs. Blogspot

Yey, my site is almost ready. Took most of my time yesterday and today tweaking it.
So tonight my second entry is about Tumblr and Blogger.
I was using blogger first. The first time I've used this, it was hard.
Having problems selecting the right layout and fonts.
I actually spent most of the time researching pre-made layouts.
You see, before I start blogging, I make sure that when I view my blog, it is how I want it to look like.

Going to my tumblr account, it is very friendly for amateur "starter" blogger like me.

This buttons right here is what makes it unique.
The first button that says TEXT, that is for blog posts.
The 6Th button, it is my favorite.
See, I love sharing music. So what I do is to just click on that button, select the music saved on my PC, accept Terms of Service, wait for the upload which takes like just a minute then it's done. Just click on this link to check some of my music post, to also know what I'm talking about.
It is fun using tumblr, it is as easy as ABC. Now the question is why on blogger again? Well the first few months using this site was fun, I didn't have any followers yet, I was able to post problems, personal too because I considered it as my diary online like what you are doing now. The previous month, I started to have followers, it was okay at first but then few more started following. It should be okay because they like what they see right? But the thing is when I found out that most of my followers are teens, it didn't feel comfortable sharing anymore. The problem is obviously with me. I dunno, it's okay if they are like almost 20 but No, youngest is like 14. I ain't happy with that, my problems aren't just about pimples and puppy love and school stress. Kids should not know how crappy life is from me. Let others do that, I feel like I should be like a sunny flower, fairy godmother-kinda like person for them. NO, I don't want to be a negative-vibes-giver person. After knowing how young my readers are, some of my post went to my private blogs. I also want to do some serious blogging that's why I decided to go back to blogger, I feel more of myself here. Lets just say my random attention span is on tumblr, mostly pictures and re- blogs are there and while for blogs, it is gonna be here. It also is going to help me with my writing and grammar checks, i need to practice these 2 because I am planning to shift my Nursing course to Broadcasting.
I am still going to use Tumblr, I love re blogging, it is addictive.

I see myself blogging until I am old and it is going to be here. You can see how random I am and how cluttered my thoughts are. If you don't like what you see, just click on the exit button.It's past 2am, I am not sleepy yet though, I might be doing re blogs on tumble later. Till here guys! Mwah.

P.S. Why is there no strikethrough button here??

Sep 17, 2010

Welcoming Back My Blogger

Good morning friends and readers!
Yep, I am back on blogger.
I realized that even if I don't get to update my page everyday, it makes me happy knowing that I get to have my own space in the cyber world.
I decided to have my own page for serious blogging.
It's almost 2am and I'm still up tweaking the layouts and man it is hard.
Good thing I have a fellow blogger helping me out.
Basically this is just a "test entry".
I just wanted to see how my layout would look like with a post.

Will be blogging away soon! Kbye.